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If you do not receive a response to your e-mail inquiry in a REASONABLE AMOUNT of time (hours....or no more than one day), please CALL ME at:

252 -728-2868

Cell Phone:


No text messages please (only phone calls or e-mails)



While Roses Vacation Rentals does NOT have a traditional tent site - with bathroom facilities and bathhouse (shower, etc.), we are willing to let folks set up a tent at the RV/Camper site. There is only a public rest room here - no bath-house facilities. It can be used on an "as available basis". Please inquire. Other traditional tenting areas are listed below - but they are a minimum of 45 min to hour away from Harkers Island and the Cape Lookout area.

Please look at the RV/Camper photos below to get an idea where tents could be set up.....also the area to right of that can also accommodate a tent.


Tenting will be in the RV/camper hookup area - or adjoining it

$10 to $20/nite per tent - - depending on if electric used

Limit - 1 large tent, or 2 small-medium tents

Use of ramp, fish station, boat slip - extra

While bringing a small chest-type freezer is allowed in the units at 287 Bayview, there may be an extra charge (if the stay is several days) to cover accelerated electrical cost. Also, management cannot guarantee that an outside receptacle will handle this extra electrical load. Should a circuit breaker be tripped, you could lose some of the contents if the chest is not monitored each you do this at your own risk. If this extra electrical load should cause any problems "within" the rental unit itself, the freezer would have to possibly be unplugged.


Cape Lookout Lighthouse ...

Tent setup is allowed FREE of Charge at the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, but only in designated areas. A very important condition is that you have to bring your TRASH back to the mainland with you for disposal.

Park Service phone number at its visitor center location at end of Harkers Island:
252-728-2250 (call for details).


Cedar Creek Campground ...

Only other area in the downeast area is at:
Cedar Creek Campground
111 Canal Drive
Sea level, NC
Phone: 252-225-9571

Approx. $20/night without utilities; $30/night with utilities
Bathhouse, swimming pool, and picnic area.

This is a great area for folks who want to tent in an area nearest where the Cedar Island Ferry departs - if they plan to leave on ferry the next morning. At this site you would be only about l5-20 minutes from the ferry, whereas it would be around 45 minutes from Harkers Island Area.


Croatan Forest ...

The Croatan Forest has two areas where tenting is permissible - I've lost track of the phone number - but that information can be found online on the link below.

One area is $17/night - the other area is $12/night - I think both areas have bathhouses/facilities.

This area would be best for those heading south and tenting as they go. You would not have to get off the beaten track by heading eastward towards us - which would add to their traveling time - unless they just wanted to visit our area enroute

Croatan National Forest Link


We hope this information helps in your vacation planning.

The management