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Down East has many businesses and services to make your stay both comfortable and easy. We should have something for every need that may arise.

  • 3 restaurants (one fairly large - other 2 med. size)
  • l grocery (with produce & meat dept) with hardware (home/marine) sectiion
  • 2 convenience stores (at least 1 with Diesel)
  • 1 tackle shop
  • 2 gift shops
  • 1 Furniture store
  • One retail seafood
  • Fire & Rescue Dept.
  • 2 boathouses (build custom wooden boats)
  • Youth & senior center
  • Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center (also with nature trail)
  • 1 elementary school
  • Visitor center for Cape Lookout National Seashore (w/picnic area and nature trail)
  • Passenger ferry service - from NPS visitor center to Cape Lookout Lighthouse
  • Hunting guides (see LINKS)
  • Boating guides (see LINKS)
  • One motel with ship store and marina
  • One marina with ship store , marina and camper hookups
  • Refuge harbor (funded by county) for commercial fishermen
  • several private vacation rentals (one with camper/RV hookup)
  • 1marina (north side) with boat lifts (rent or purch)
  • 1 auto repair shop
  • 1 AC repairman
  • 1 barber shop
  • Several model boat builders and decoy/bird carvers - work from their home
  • 1 large RV/Camper park on north side with harbor, ramp, and pool
  • Public - wildlife - ramp at bridge (mainland side) (kayak rentals available nearby)
  • Small public beach at bridge area - on island side
  • 2 subdivisions -all at west end; one has marina access; other - all lots border a waterway
  • Another subdivision under development
  • l mobile home park
  • City water available (no public sewage); electricity furnished by Carteret-Craven EMC
  • 8 churches: 1 Baptist, 1 UMC, 1 Pentecost.Holiness, 1 Wesleyan; 3 independent holiness, and 1 Latter Day Saints

Other Demograhic info

Island is approx. 4 - 4-l/2 miles long - and l/2 mile wide at narrowest point - to l-2 miles at widest point

Population: 1500 year-round - to approx. 2000+ seasonal (only 50% of island is now native islanders)

Eastmouth and Westmouth Bays border it on north - separating it from mainalnd

Back Sound borders it on the south shore - separating it from Shackleford Banks

Core Sound goes by its east end, running north/south towards Cape Lookout area and Bardens Inlet

The Straits waterway borders on west end (where bridge is located)

Access is primarily by bridge