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The following pages are excepts from the "Guest Registers" in each of our Rental Units. These are the comments of our guests; we are thankful that so many of them are positive.



Written by Tracy Tuck (from Virginia) and her sister Kathy Bailey

One may call it vacation retreat
this pleases me more

Joy of the rocking porch swing
stories of island lore

Fresh fish caught at daybreak
Sunset pictures with sand between my toes

All my worries abandoned
as sweet peace blossoms like a rose



Thank You from Ryan Pruitt, Jenny Agosta, and our Boys

Mrs Rose,

I went to your guest comments because I decided that I should take a moment and send you an e-mail thanking you for your excellent accommodations. We we’re more than ecstatic about our stay and knew it as soon as we past the trees and building that are the front office.

Perfect location, perfect scenery, perfect for a walk down and view of Browns Island, Westmouth Bay, or the oyster beds, and sea grass that surround the area allowing us to watch the birds, and hoped to a see tailing red drum …. I loved sitting on the porch and looking at the L R Rose Boatworks building. It was like stepping back in time. It was like sitting on what could be a movie set for a coastal NC film. I could almost hear the old saws, drills, and hammers of those constructing a new skiff. Our walk back towards the water, and the docked boats in your marina, just seeing all the wooded built Harkers Island boats docked up was such a treat.

Honestly our stay at your place was enough to keep me there for days, I didn’t need much more that what was there to take in. We only left as our time this trip was limited so we wanted to see how the fishing was elsewhere… Regardless, staying in your rental units was a real treat. Stepping outside was like a living museum of Harkers Island, NC times past. I honestly felt a bit like we had went through time when pulling into your entrance and passing the office. Our conversations with you the few times we crossed paths were always full of so much information about what we needed to know, or just chatting about how it used to be on the island. All the years I had come to Harkers Island, my regret is never staying at your place.

You have earned a new guest for every trip. I cannot say enough good things. I’m already wanting to make a trip sooner just to sit on the porch of the rental unit and take it all in again. You just don’t find what you have to offer anywhere. As always, I’m sure you get your “Hoity Toity” complainers who need someone to cater to their every need. But for us normal folks, who like living life, and enjoy being left to ourselves, except for an occasional question or some conversation, your place couldn’t be more perfect.

Thank you

Ryan Pruitt ---- or affectionately known as: “Ding batter, Dit Dot, or Woodsier”



Here we are again. With passing time, all that you have, all that your island has, gets deeper and richer. I've come this time to celebrate my life with my husband. I cannot think of a more fitting place.

~ Susan and Griff Gilbert



Our first time to the island in many years. You have a really nice place - quiet, good boat ramp, and nice people. Caught trout and blues at the Cape. Will definitely be back for some serious fishing. Thanks for your hospitality.

~ Harold and Bebe Hill, Snow Hill, NC



Thank you for the pleasant, comfortable stay on Harkers Island. The directions were the best we've ever been provided. We enjoyed the home-like unit and appreciate your hospitality. The island is beautiful and peaceful. We especially enjoyed our visit with Mr. James Allen Rose and learning about his family's history and about some of his adventures growing up here and his interesting path into model boat building. His boats are crafted with precision and care, and a true love and passion for this work. He had many important life messages for our son during his interview and we appreciated his thought and care that went into this process. What a wonderful, relaxing and admirable person. We're so glad we have had the chance to travel to Harkers' Island. Thank you.

~ The Straders, Greensboro, NC



Thanks Ann for making our visit affordable. It has been a pleasure. Love to bring our kids and grandchildren. Guess will be back next year. You have nice home here. May God bless.

~ Ken and Norma Owens, Cincinnati Ohio



Enjoyed visiting our friends Don Stewart and Ray Waters who were staying here. We live in Stacy, never knew this place was here. Thanks for treating our friends so well.

~ The Cooks



Dearest Ann and Leslie,

Well, this marks my 10th visit to Harkers - 8th visit with you all - You are both such a treasue. I think one of the reasons I keep coming back is you both make me feel like family, like this Island is my home too. I love you both very much.

~ Susan Gilbert



Thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Beautiful weather, beautiful wife, beautiful time and - well worth it.

~ Griff Gilvert



This is a wonderful place - Enjoyed our visit with you all - wish it could have been longer - we love the island and staying here. We will be back later this year.

~ Luther and Carolyn Durham



Good Friends - good fishing - and a great place. Enjoyed it. Best place on the island. Will be back.

~ Tim Hanes, Farmer, NC


Our 2nd stay here - was jus

as nice as the first. Unit 2 was every bit as comfortable and clean. very enjoyable stay even if it was short.

~ Norris family, Whiteville, NC



We really enjoyed our stay here on Harkers Island. It was so much like home. Your efforts to create this wonderful atmosphere are very appreciated. Mike was right when he described you as lovely, wonderful people. You have a very unique and special place here and we hope to visit you again. Thanks again so much.

~ Tommy Pennington, Donna Woodall



We reluctantly leave again, having thoroughly enjoyed you, your place and this wonderful island. But we'll return - just not soon enough. Thanks for all you do to make us feel special.

~ Art and Barb Peters, Lexington, NC



Had a very nice visit here. Everything was so nice and really made us feel at home. Have stayed here with you before and enjoyed so much. We will be back again soon as we can. Take care and thanks so much.

~ John Hines and Betty Jones, Goldboro


We want to thank you for

he unit each year - we enjoy it.

~ Rick Humphries



Very cozy, nice people - Mom and I still traveling together after all these years. Driving the whole coast of NC and enjoying it. Thank you.

~ Susan Bullbey, Seattle, WA and Louise B. Falls, Winston Salem, NC



First time in this unit - but not our first time here. We love staying with you. As always, we enjoyed our stay - which was way too short. We'll be Back - hopefully soon.

~ Stuart and Laurie King, Acworth, GA



Have enjoyed our stay here. Island is beautiful. Sure hope to return next year, Thank you for your hard work just so we would be able to stay here tonight.

~Huey & Yvonne Cobb, Mooresboro, NC



As always your place was perfect for our vacation. It was a great change from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Can't wait to see you again.

~ Alan Lieberman, Rockvill, MD



Had a wonderful birth day and weekend here. I want to thank you very much - this is a cozy unit - loved it - see you soon.

~ Bonnie and Buddy, Stumpy PT, NC


More Comments can be supplied upon request. Thank you.