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If you do not receive a response to your e-mail inquiry in a REASONABLE AMOUNT of time (hours....or no more than one day), please CALL ME at:

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Getting to the Crystal Coast.....and Harkers Island

***You may want to print this page for reference in finding us.***

We are accessible from anywhere in the continental U.S. by car, plane or boat. Several major airlines fly directly to Raleigh-Durham Airport, just three hours away by car. You can also fly into Jacksonville or near New Bern, a short drive away. For those flying privately, an airport is located in Beaufort, only minutes away.

Highways 70 East, 17 and 24 will bring you to the Morehead City and Beaufort area, which is approximately 20 miles from Harkers Island.

Once you get to that area continue on Highway 70 East. After passing through Beaufort you will travel for about 10 minutes (5-8 miles) until Highway 70 makes a 90-degree right turn. East Carteret High School will be on your left (far back from the highway) and a convenience store will be on your right. There is a traffic light at this intersection; BE SURE TO TURN RIGHT AT THIS INTERSECTION.

Continue on Highway 70 East, going across the North River Bridge, then through the community of Bettie (no stores here), the Wards Creek Bridge and finally the Otway community. In the Otway community, you will notice on your left a convenience store (white building with aqua blue trim) Outer Island Convenience Store / Finz Grill, then the Otway Fire Station, a hardware store (Otway Hardware), and Down East Auto Parts (NAPA), followed by a Dollar General store on the left. The road curves towards the left, with Chadwick Tire Co. on your right on the curve. Start to slow down as you will be making a right turn several hundred feet ahead. You will see a small grill (Getta Burger) on your right, and next to it is a convenience store, which is on the corner of Hwy. 70 and Harkers Island Road, which is the right turn that takes you to Harkers Island. Turn right at the convenience store onto Harkers Island Road. Wheatly Boys Tire will be on your immediate left, and the convenience store will then be on your right, directly across the street from Wheatly Boys Tire. (Harkers Island Road begins at this intersection of Harkers Island Road and Highway 70, and it continues all the way through to Harkers Island until it ends at Shell Point and the National Park Service property at the east end of the island.)

Google Maps Harkers Island

You will continue on Harkers Island Road for about 4 miles until you come to the Harkers Island bridge (Earl Davis Memorial Bridge) which takes you onto Harkers Island. Proceed across the bridge onto the island and then go approximately 3 miles. You will pass a United Methodist Church on your left, also the Lighthouse Chapel, Captain's Choice Restaurant, Eastard Beach, and finally the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church), all fairly close together. See the photos below which will guide you to our vacation rental property from the corner where the Mormon Church is located.

Mormon Church (or Latter Day Saints Church) on the left as you approach Guthrie Street. Make a left turn here. We have our sign on the adjacent.

Billy's Grocery and Hardware on the right, opposite of Guthrie Street.

Continue on Guthrie Street. Make the first right onto Bayview Drive at the corner shown below where there is an empty lot. (Do NOT go straight!)

Showing the sign for Harkers Island RV Resort; the road on left shows a paved road where the old dirt road had been. We have a tiny banner sign on that corner with arrow pointing east.

You will also see the Harkers Island water tower ahead on your left after the turn.

You're now heading east towards Rose's Basin (& Vacation Rentals) On your left you will see a marina with boat lifts. Go past this marina and beige residence to right of it.

Turn left onto dirt driveway at this sign. To the right of that driveway - low to the ground is a small sign which gives our 911 emergency location - 287


NOTE: Should you have to make an emergency medical call while at our rentals, you would need to specify that the property number is 287 Bayview Drive, and the property owners are Leslie and Ann Rose. Since there are 3 rentals located on this piece of property, you would need to have someone outside awaiting the emergency vehicle so the driver will know which unit needs their help. We live next door, and our property designation, as well as our mailing address, is 287 Bayview Drive.

Once making the left onto our business driveway, go past the mobile home (Unit 5) which will be on your right. (See photo below.) There will be a grassy area to your right between the back of the mobile home and the front of the wooden building which houses Units 1 and 2. Pull in to the right if you need to come to the office first for any information. Notice the white storm door that has a printed white sign to the left. This is the entry to our office area. This outer door is always unlocked.

Door to our office has a sign to its left. This outer door is usually unlocked 24/7.


Mileage Chart To Carteret County

Driving Time Tables From Cedar Island Ferry

Google Maps of Cartert County

Google Maps of New Bern to Carteret County